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How to Earn on We Know Cryptos?

We Know Cryptos is on a mission to build the biggest cryptocurrency knowledge library from community members who get rewarded for partaking in the build of up of the platform. Earn WKCT, up your Ranks and get Awards from being active on We Know Cryptos

We Know Cryptos Token


The We Know Cryptos Tokens are points awarded for completing different sets of tasks on the website. This can be simply learning, sharing, visiting, adding content. Many different ways so browse here.


We are bringing ranks into the WKC Community! As you dive deeper into cryptos, so we will upgrade your rankings. If you have any ideas for names, styles, designs or anything, go the forum have your say.


We are planning to offer awards to our We Know Cryptos for milestones each one of our community members reach. If you have any ideas or suggestions around this, head on over to the forums.