Cake Monster ($MONSTA) - The BEAST of BSC

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What is Cake Monster ($MONSTA)?

Cake Monster is a new generation farming protocol, an "impatience farming" system that has a defined life span, or  "reset timer" that restarts the farming.  This is either when 1 million $MONSTA tokens are left or 2 years have passed. We have setup a timer below to help you keep track. 

We will track the progress of Cake Monster project below and also introduce other exciting features that Cake Monster has introduced and is in the roadmap. Dont forget to join the official Official Cake Monster telegram and their Discord channel.


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Cake Monster Reset Timers

If the circulating supply hits 1 million tokens left OR the timer reaches 0 days, the Cake Monster protocols ends, and the Cake Vault is paid out proportionally to the $MONSTA holders.

Circulating Supply



2 year Period

Days Hours Minutes

Cake Monster Explainer Video

Key Features of Cake Monster

  • Sustainably Hyper-Deflationary
  • Backed By Exponentially Growing Non-Correlated Reserve
  • Frictionless Yield Generation & Dividends
  • Elastic Supply / Rebasing - supply is rebased at start of each new cycle
  • Defi 3.0 (Sustainable OHM)
  • Play 2 Earn NFTs & Games:
  • First NFT Project launched from Actual Space
  • Staking (3,3)
  • Revolutionary Economic Policy wrapped as a Meme
  • "Nr Go Up" is Programmed.

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Official Cake Monster Documention

The following link takes you to the official documentation for Cake Monster - Thank you Fenix! 😉

How to buy Cake Monster

You are able to buy Cake Monster on PankCake Swap. This token is on the BSC - Binance Smart Chain Network and therefore you can swap any of your BNB, BUSD, DAI or tokens/cryptos that are on the same network for the $MONSTA token.

Buy $MONSTA token on Pancake Swap

Swap your BSC Tokens (BNB, BUSD etc)

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