Piggy Bank on TheAnimal.Farm - Earn 3% Daily on your Investment

What is the Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank on The Animal Farm is the FIRST EVER non-inflationary variable time staking annuity. There is also a Time Lock bonus on your harvest that earns massive rewards on your yield (earnings), meaning the longer your choose to "stake" your earnings instead of claiming, the bigger the rewards will grow.

Even though you might not understand this just yet, let us try to help explain about the Piggy Bank on the TheAnimal.Farm and the amazing opportunities to earn passive income from it.

Earn 3% ROI Per Day

Yep, you earn 3% on your intial investment, every single day! You may then claim your rewards OR compound them back into the Piggy Bank for bigger rewards.

Pigs Token on The Animal Farm
Piggy Bank on The Animal Farm

Features of the Piggy Bank

  • Earn up to 3% ROI on your principle - You will earn up to 3% on your initial investment per day
  • Time Locking Multiplier - This will increase your Principle through staking your PIGS/BUSD LP.
  • "Longer Pays Better" - a non linear mechanic that increases principle buying power by time staking for longer
  • Stake Airdropping - You will be able to airdrop rewards to your team members even f if the are staked.
  • Early End Staking - Ability to end yourr stake early and the 100% of the penalties are paid to the stakes who didnt early unstake.
  • Multi Stake Options - This allows uses to stake for different time lock ups from the same wallet

WKC Farmers Piggy Bank Referral banner Piggy Bank on TheAnimal.Farm - Earn 3% Daily on your Investment

The Multiplier - Time Locking Rewards

There is a bonus "multiplier" that earns your "time locked rewards. This multiplier is place on the stakers principle, the investors investment, and not placed onto the dividends that are claimable at the end of a stake.

Multiplier Rewards Over Time Piggy Bank Piggy Bank on TheAnimal.Farm - Earn 3% Daily on your Investment

How to get started on the Piggy Bank

If you are done with reading and just want to get started with easy instruction, then read our "Piggy Bank Setup Guide - How to Start your own 3% per day bank.

Piggy Bank Referral Code:  WKC-Farmers


Piggy Bank Referrals Guide

If you could like to earn commission on your referrals, then you will need to either purchase or farm dogs, and then stake them in the single asset DOGS pools. Different amount of DOGS token stake will mean different rewards levels.

Number of Dogs Tokens Needed to Claim Referral Rewards

2 Dogs = 1%

3 Dogs = 2%

5 Dogs = 3%

8 Dogs = 4%

13 Dogs = 5%

Piggy Bank Referrals Commission vs Dogs Staked

Piggy Bank New Referral Setup

There is a new system for the TheAnimal.Farm referrals allowing all Piggy Bank team leaders to airdrop rewards to their team members while they are time locked (staked)

My Piggy Banks & Referrals

In this section of the TheAnimalFarm Piggy Bank, you are able to see your different time locked stakes and the option to compound each stake at different time intervals.

My Piggy Banks and Referrals

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