Splassive.com - All About The Splash Network

Have you recently heard about Splassive.com and wanted to learn All About The Splash Network?  Read the article below to find our more info about Splash.


What is the Splash Network?

Splash Network is yield farming protocol (system) that can earn you passive income on the investment you make.  In essence, you buy Splash tokens, deposit them on The Well (on the website) and then you start to earn 2% interest daily. You normal banks barely offer 4% to 7% PER YEAR interest, which doesn't include the monthly fees, transaction fees and all the other hidden costs that reduce your yearly interest. On the Splash Network, you earn 2% interest PER DAY, which you can then either Claim (withdraw) and FILL UP (re-compound) and earn 2% daily on a larger amount.


Why start on the Splash Network

If your money is the bank, just sitting there, you are not earning much interest when you start to deduct all the monthly fees and hidden costs of having a bank account. Instead of letting that money just sit there and do nothing much, you could earn 2% a day on your investment through the Splash Network. Its crazy to see how quick your account can grow when you re-compound your earnings (FILL UP) back into your account. When your rewards have reached an amount you are happy with, OR you need emergency funds for something, you can Claim (withdraw).


How to start on the Splash Network!

If you are looking for a guide to help you get started on the Splassive.com website, then you can follow our Getting Started with Slash Guide.


How does Splassive.com work?

Here is some information on how the Splassive Network works, what each page does and how you can start earning from day 1. You will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet, such as MetaMask, the Avalanche network setup as well some AVAX to get you started. Don't worry, it wont take long to get that setup  if you want to start on the Splash Network. Once you have these requirements ready, then you are ready to purchase your Splash Tokens in The Well and deposit them in the The Well page.  Once you have made a deposit, you will begin to earn 2% a day interest on your deposit.  You can add to your investment at anytime.


The Well

The Well page on Splassive.com is where you can BUY Splash Tokens, as well as SELL them when you are ready. You will need to connect your wallet (MetaMask) to the website and make sure that you have the Avalanche network setup. If you don't know how, read our Setup Avalanche Network on MetaMask Guide.

You will be able the see the current Splash token price, the total amount of AVAX in the contract as well as the overall Splash Balance. This gives an indication of much investment is in the Splash Network at any given time.

The Well - Splassive.com Splash Network

This is The Well page on Splassive.com website, where you can Buy and Sell Splash Tokens


The Chart

This is the Splash Token price that can be found on The Well page. You can see the current price of Splash as well the history price of it.

Chart Splash Token Splash - The Well

This is the chart on The Well page which indicates the history and current price of the Splash token

The Tap

This page will show your available Splash balance, the amounts of deposits you have made, how many claims have been done, as well as your amounts rewarded so far, your max payout and your Team (direct and indirect referrals)

The Tap -Splassive.com Splash Network

This is the The Tap page on the Splash network when you can you balance, rewards, claims and team

Sign up to WKC Splassive Wave Starter Team

If you are looking for a Wave Starter Team, then join the Splassive.com Team with We Know Cryptos by using the account: 0x5457025591d96Cb60b01D95d95136bC77c38F984 to sign up to a Wave Starter

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