OVR (Over The Reality) - Free Metaverse Tokens Treasure Hunt

What is OVR metaverse token - Over The Reality.

OVR is a decentralised platform for the metaverse which plans to integrate the virtual world with augmented reality. It is a mobile app with a digital layer that covers the Earth. There are currently 1.6 trillion hexagons which are referred to as we are lands. These lands are available for Purchase through an auction system and can be then traded or rented to other users.

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How to get Started with OVR.

If you would like to join over the reality app you will need to download it either from the Google Play Store or app store. Search for "OVR" and find the hexagon icon with different colours. Once you have downloaded the app you will need to register a new account and verify your email. After you have registered a new account, you can log into the ovr up and start hunting for treasure but first let's join the We Know Cryptos team by doing the following:

Join We Know Crypto's Referral for OVR.

Scan the code to the right (desktop) or below (mobile) from inside the app and join our team!  Remember to send other people this link to join up with us!

Log into your app and on the main screen, near the bottom on the menu, you will see the user icon. Click on this profile icon,  then click invite a friend.  At the bottom of the screen again you will click “invite a friend” and then scan the QR code showing on this article.  Once you have successfully scanned the code it will tell you you are now connected to this user.

OVR - Over The Reality Referall QR Code

How to play OVR

 There are different ways to play on OVR.  Firstly they offer a free treasure hunt which enables users to hunt for 1 FREE treasure per day. There are also other play to earn competition's that are held from time to time.  These competitions are generally connected to play to earn games and offer users to collect NFTS (non fungible tokens) and other in-game assets to start the journey on their new blockchain gaming.

OVR Daily Treasure Hunt

The daily treasure hunt allows users to hunt for 1 treasure chest per day, up to a maximum of five treasure chests.  The chests contain anything from 0.1 to 100 ovr tokens per loot.

From your main screen on the app, click on the box icon on the bottom menu of the screen.  At the top you will see a box called “Treasure hunt” where you can start earning tokens by participating in the official OVR Treasure Hunt.  Once you have clicked the button, your app will open up to a screen and try to use your GPS to find your location.  Please note that you will need your GPS enabled for the app to work.  When the screen has finally loaded, you will see a blue location icon in the bottom right-hand of your screen.  Click this button it will open up a mini map of all the hexagonal locations available to search.  You can increase the size of this mini map by double-tapping or clicking the red up Chevron icon in the top left-hand corner.  On this screen you will see  the blue hexagonal blocks and some of these contain icons which are the treasures that you are trying to find.  Walk towards one of these occupied hexagonal locations and once inside, minimise your map so that you are looking through your phone into the real world.  Look about waist to shoulder height and rotate into 360-degree motion looking into your screen until you see a treasure chest pop-up magically in front of you. Click on the treasure chest to claim your tokens.

What can I do with my OVR tokens

 Whether you buy or earn your tokens, you can either use these to exchange for other cryptos,use them to buy land in the metaverse or hold them for future growth.

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