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Cryptos 101

We have taken the time to explain all the elements of cryptocurrencies. Great for those just starting out with cryptos

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We will list and explain all the best exchanges to buy and sell cryptos, be it in South Africa or overseas

Crypto Trading


Learn about the different farming networks and how they all work so you can start earning some Passive Income.

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Blockchain online gaming runs on the same technology as crypto currencies, allowing users to earn real money, whilst retaining true digital ownership of in-game items earned.

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Stay up to date with all the promotions, giveaways and crypto news. Find out what new projects are exciting to get into.

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NFT (Non Fungible-Tokens)

Learn all about the different types of NFT's and what they are. Each one is unique and could be worth a fortune.

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Doing your own research on coins, NFT's and more is essential as you can never trust the words of someone else.

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Security 101

Tips and tricks on how to ensure that your cryptos and crypto wallets are safe and secure.

Crypto Trading


We will teach you the ins and outs of how to get started trading cryptocurrencies and what to look out for in the crypto market

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Get your wallet setup within munities and start connecting and trading. Connect different networks and expand the capabilities of your wallet.

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Test your knowledge about crypto's. Run through a few quizzes and test yourself before you officially start your crypto journey.

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We organise events to educate everyone about cryptos and to prepare them for the future of finance.