11 Apr 2021
What is Cryptocurrency? Learn the basics about Cryptos

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc) is basically digital or virtual money and/or assets that are stored online and can be used  for multiple different different reasons, such as  making payments to friends or companies, store of value (like gold, silver),  digital artwork or a range of different uses that are growing rapidly. […]

12 Apr 2021
Blockchain 101 - Learn About Blockchain Technology

What is a Blockchain? Here's our Blockchain 101, to get you understanding the basics of blockchain technology. The definition of a Blockchain is a constantly growing digital ledger that keeps a permanent and secure record of all transactions. That’s a very simplified definition so let’s unpack this definition and explain each element in more detail. […]

13 Apr 2021
Cryptos 101 - What Is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin and what is it for? I’m sure by now you have heard about Bitcoin, but what is Bitcoin exactly? Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency or asset that can be bought, sold, or transferred online between parties, safely and securely. Bitcoin can also be used to store value, similar to buying gold, […]

29 Apr 2021
5 Great Ways To Protect Your Cryptocurrency

How to Protect your Cryptocurrency and ensure great security for your accounts Cryptocurrency accounts are among the most sought after targets for hackers. The popularity and surge in price of the global crypto market make them extremely enticing to hackers as there is a lot of money available to be stolen from people without the […]

6 May 2021
What Are Altcoins & What Makes Them Different

So what is an altcoin exactly? Simply put, altcoins are any other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. They often share similar characteristics to Bitcoin but can also be extremely different and used for very unique tasks.  For example, some altcoins aren’t mined in the traditional sense and the platform that makes use of them will instead […]

17 May 2021
What Is Ethereum & What Makes It Powerful?

So what is Ethereum exactly? I’m sure by now you have heard about Ethereum, but what is Ethereum exactly? Ethereum is a blockchain-based, open-source, software platform developed to improve upon Bitcoin’s capabilities. It was created to support scripting and for the creation of decentralized applications and other cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts, allowing them to run […]

More Cryptocurrency Education

1 Jul 2021

Home Start your Cryptocurrency Education here. Cryptos 101 We have taken the time to explain all the elements of cryptocurrencies. Great for those just starting out with cryptos Learn More Exchanges We will list and explain all the best exchanges to buy and sell cryptos, be it in South Africa or overseas Learn More Farming […]

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