How to Get Started in Cryptocurrencies

How to get started in cryptocurrencies

 To get started with cryptocurrencies, you will need to get yourself a wallet or an account on an exchange that is legal in your country.   Please note there are lots of cryptocurrency projects that are not good and you can lose your money if you invest in the wrong project with no recourse.  Once you have decided on which cryptocurrency wallet and / or exchange to start on you'll need to download the app or sign up for an account on their website.  We have many different guides to help you set up a decentralised wallet.

Which cryptocurrency should i invest in?

This is not a question that anyone should be answering for you. once you have done your own research and a project appeals to you this is something that you invest into and can watch closely.  the world of cryptos is extremely diverse and it is always a good suggestion to invest into different projects and spread your eggs and different baskets.

You can get onto YouTube and watch what the big influencers are following, but just remember not to buy into a hype and definately not when the price is really high.

Where can I start looking at the different Crypto options?

There are thousands of cryptos and all have different prices, purposes and place in the market. We have built into our own cryptocurrency library, where you can browse all the cryptocurrency from highest to lowest market cap, or search for a coin / token. On each individual page

Are cryptos legal in my country

 around the world countries have different legislations with regards to cryptocurrencies.  These laws are changing day by day and we will try to keep up with all the latest legislation but here is a PDF from inssert link showing what the current legislation is in each country. Please refer to this PDF before diving into any cryptocurrency investments.

How do I research cryptocurrencies

There is no easy way to do a guaranteed research behind any cryptocurrency project but here are some common steps to follow to make sure that what you are investing in will still hopefully be around in a few years to come. 


  1. Check website
  2.  check social media platforms (Facebook,  Twitter, medium, YouTube)
  3. Check the number of followers and engagement from users
  4.  look at when the crypto project started the longer it's been around the more likely it's going to stay.
  5.  join the communication channels such as telegram to hear their latest news
  6. Email or DM the team and see if they respond to you

What is KYC

In the world of cryptos, KYC stands for Know Your Customer. This is the process of verifying users/persons  to make sure that there are no computer bots, fake or multiple taking advantage of the crypto project

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