Improve your cryptocurrency journey today

I've decided to write about how to improve your cryptocurrency journey today.  If you would like to refer to what cryptocurrencies actually are, what they do and how they work, we have written an article on what are cryptocurrencies..  Getting into cryptos will first entirely depend on the laws in your country. Obviously if you don't like to abide by laws then there are many options to get around that by using VPNs and but we don't condone any illegal activities on this site. Quick Google search you will figure out how to do it.  For those interested to see if the country is available we will be providing a list.


Decide which Cryptocurrency tasks interests you the most.

Before you just die them to the cryptocurrency world there are few things to consider. there are many types of cryptocurrency avenues to explore which we will outline below

  1.  Investing / Holding
  2.  Active Trading
  3. Gaming (Play to Earn)
  4. Creating
  5.  Developing / Designing
  6. Start Ups

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world, the best approach is to buy small amounts of cryptos in the bigger (larger market cap), well-known projects and holding them for a while. Once you gain confidence in buying and selling and understanding the different cryptocurrency projects in the market corner then you can start to trade,  buying your cryptocurrencies on the dumps (when prices are low) and selling them when they have made you some profits.  Just also remember that these companies rely on Investments from people and if you believe in the concept, then sometimes its best to invest for the long term. Pick an end goal and focus on it. 

Do Your Own Research on Crypto BEFORE investing. (DYOR)

Most important thing to do before getting into any specific type of crypto or cryptocurrency wallet is to do your own research. ALWAYS!  There are many different types different cryptocurrency companies, projects, wallets etc that have been around for many years and some have been around for a few days. It's important that you always do your own research first before buying. Below we have provided a list of ways to check crypto projects, companies and idea

List of way to research cryptocurrencies

  1. Simplest way to do this research is to Google Search the name of the company and wallets plus the keyword scam for example “ coinbase scam”  and then read all the articles that pertain to that topic. 
  2. Check coin stats
    1. Check When it started
    2. Check Social Medias to check if active
      1. Twitter - most important
        1. Check
      2. Discord - 
      3. Facebook
      4. Medium
  3. Email the Team and see if they respond or not. Engage with them,
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