The Story of the first Bitcoin Transaction

The History of the first Bitcoin Transaction

The first bitcoin transaction involving actual goods was on 22nd May 2010. Lazlo Hanyecz a man from Jacksonville, Florida in the U.S.A . Lazlo asked to do a bitcoin transaction on a Bitcoin community social media group and mentioned that he will pay 10 000 Bitcoin for a couple of Pizza\'s. The Story of the first Bitcoin Transaction.
Mr Hanyecz ten thousand bitcoin was worth around $40 dollars at that early stage of its development. He stated on social media that it didn\'t have to come from a restaurant. He just wanted to exchange 10 000 bitcoin for 2 pizza\'s so that he still has some pizza left over for breakfast. Papa John\'s a famous American Pizza Franchise took up the offer and 2 Pizza\'s was delivered and an exchanged happened. After the exchange was done Mr Hanyecz posted on social media the information from the transaction for everyone to see.

Most recently Anothony Popliano a Bitcoin maximalist launched a celebration for the 11th anniversary of the first transaction by doing a week long Pizza Drive where 10 000 pizza\'s were up for sale in Ten cities in America

Look at the value of those 2 famous Pizza\'s by looking at Growth of Bitcoin.

2010 Value of Bitcoin Less than $0.01 so 2 pizza for $40 Dollars worth of Bitcoin

2011 Value of Bitcoin $1 so Value of 2 pizza is $10 000.00

2013 Value of Bitcoin $1242.00 so 2 pizza is $12 420 000.00

2014 Value of Bitcoin $530.00 so 2 pizza is $5 300 00.00.00

2017 Value of Bitcoin $19783.06 so 2 Pizza is $197 830 600.00. I am sure Mr Hanyecz was crying at this point

2018 Value of bitcoin $6300 so 2 pizza is $63 000 000.00

2020 Value of Bitcoin $19850.11 so 2 pizza for $198 501 100.00 If I was Mr Hanyecz I was definitely upset with myself

2021 Value of Bitcoin $66 974.77 so 2 Pizza for $669 747 700 That means those 2 pizza are now more than half a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin. That is Insane

The value has fluctuated over the years but early investors have definitely grown their net worth if they did not sell out their Bitcoin to early.

Nobody knows what the future holds but sometimes it helps to take a chance and just invest in early start up companies

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