Ark Fi Guide - How to get started and earn 2% ROI.

What or who is ARK FI? 

A cutting-edge fintech company called Ark Fi is dedicated to developing simplified decentralized finance (DeFi) products for investors. By developing easy-to-use applications that community members are pleased to recommend to their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, Ark Fi intends to encourage the adoption of DeFi protocols.

The high yield applications in the Ark Fi ecosystem are made to be independent of the turbulence of conventional markets and to offer passive income when investors are most in need of it. The tokenomics and mechanics of Ark Fi products have been developed to be as stable as possible while providing a chance for significant returns because we are aware that the crypto markets are fundamentally volatile.

Start Earning With Ark Fi

2% Daily Compounded ROI

ArkFi App

Requirements for getting started in ARK FI?

A cryptowallet - Either MetaMask, Trust Wallet or with Wallet Connect
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Swap BUSD for ArkFI
Compound / Claim every 24 hours

What can I earn from ARK FI?

There are multiple ways to earn within the ARK FI ecosystem. 

ARK FI Vault

Similar to a high yield certificate of deposit, the Ark Vault works (CD). A sustainable tax system that pays back ARKFI tokens at a rate of up to 2% per day gradually rewards them for being deposited and locked in the Ark Vault.

For each account, a maximum payout of 300% (3.0X) of the primary balance and up to 80,000 ARKFI tokens is permitted. A user can compound the available daily earnings, earn referral incentives, or make new capital contributions to attain a Principal Balance of 26,666 tokens (80,000/3.0) permitting maximum payment.

Quick Guide to getting started on ARK FI

1. Go to
2. Click "Connect" and link to your MetaMask, Trust Wallet or other Web3 compatible wallet.
3. Swap BUSD (Binance USD) for ARKFI tokens. These tokens will automatically enter the vault
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