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Get started with Splassive.com How To Guide

If you have just come Splassive Network, this Splassive.com How To tutorial will help you every step of the way. Splassive is a yield compound Farm earning system, that earns you 2% interest per day which can be compounded. Your initial deposit will start earning interest from day 1, and you have the option to Hydrate (Recompound) and earn more, or to Claim, and withdraw your rewards. Currently you need a minimum of 1 SPLASH token to start (actually 1.1 but you understand later) and this guide will help you get everything you need to get started.

If you already have everything set up, and want to join our, then this is the address. Otherwise continue below for more setup guides.

Join the Splassive We Know Cryptos Team!

Use 0x5457025591d96Cb60b01D95d95136bC77c38F984 to add as a WAVE Starter Referral Address


Get yourself a cryptocurrency wallet 

You will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet setup. Its free and quick to setup. If you dont have one, you can read our Metamask Wallet Setup Guide to get your first wallet! You will also need to make sure that you have the Avalanche Network setup on your cryptocurrency. We have provided a guide on our site to setting up Avalanche on your MetaMask wallet.

 Once you have your cryptocurrency and Avalanche Network setup, you will have to make sure that your wallet is credited with AVAX token.  This AVAX will also be used as your gas fees. You can purchase AVAX token on exchanges such as Binance & Kucoin. We have also written guides on how to get started with anyone of these under the Learn - Exchanges section of our website.


How to buy Splash token for Splassive.com

Currently the best place and recommended exchange for trading splash is the well contract which can be found on the splassive.com  website. This also allows them to waive the initial 10% tax on bars and will provide the lowest fees and gases and the highest liquidity resulting in less slippage for much larger trades.

Buying Splash in The Well

Once you have a wax in your cryptocurrency wallet or any other token on the Avalanche Network coma then go to https://splassive.com/TheWELL  and go to the  Buy Splash box.  enter in the amount of a wax you would like to swap and it will estimate the amount of $Splash you will receive. Once you have agreed on swap, then click the buy button and confirm your transaction through your MetaMask wallet.

Buy Splash on The Well on Splassive.com

Add A Wave Starter Referral Code

Before you'll be allowed to deposit your splash into the tap, you will need to add a Wave Starter Referral address. In other words this means joining a team. You can use the following code to join the  We Know Cryptos Splassive Team - 0x5457025591d96Cb60b01D95d95136bC77c38F984

How to Join A Wave Under the Tap

Head over to https://splassive.com/THETAP and scroll down the page until you see Join The Wave. Here you will need you copy and paste the We Know Cryptos Splassive Team Address and paste it into box and click update.  MetaMask or your crypto wallet will then pop up to confirm the transaction. You will need extra AVAX in your wallet to add a WAVE STARTER

Join The Wave - The Tap - Splassive.com

Splassive We Know Crypto Team Wave Starter Address

Wave Starter Address: 0x5457025591d96Cb60b01D95d95136bC77c38F984


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OFFICIAL Splassive Socials

Splassive Official Discord!


Splassive Price Tracker


Splassive Wave Token Tracker



How to earn SPLASH from your WAVE STARTER Team

You will need to hold the WAVE Token in order to earn from your Downlines. Look at the graph below:

In order or to earn for the people you immediate refer, you will need to hold 5000 tokens. For you to earn from your referrals referrals (1 level), you will need to hold 10 000 token. If you want to earn your referrals referrals referrals then you need to hold 20 000. We could continue if you wish but i am sure you get the picture now. If you dont, then please buy WAVE token until you do.

Splassive Wave Downlines Guideslines

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