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Retro Boyz Association NFT. What have we done so far? (last upd: 3 Jan 2022)

January 3, 2022 by @imretroboy

Hey there! Here you can find info what we've done so far for RetroBoys NFT news from Dev side in more or less chronological order.

List of things done (updating)


— Desktop website, contract, mint dapp, etc. created

— Dec 2, 2021 – Project Stealth launch, there was no marketing before the launch

— First 100 mints were free, after that price have changed from 0.00 to 0.01 (100-200), 0.02 (200-300), 0.03 (300-1000), 0.05 (1000-3000), last price changing is set to 3000+ (0.1)

— Verified collection on TofuNFT

— Verified contract on BSCscan

— Verified on NFTKey with the rarity score set

— Telegram chat full set with Chatkeeper bot, triggers, moderation, etc

— ± 10 BNB spent for initial marketing (influencer giveaways, paid shill postings, etc.)

— Guides for community written and

— 2 BNB giveaway to 20 holders

— Anti Snipping API developed and hosted on the server

— 20 NFT giveaway to 20 holders

— 2 BNB giveaway to 10 holders

— Developed mobile version of website

— Richass Murlocs Social Club collab

— Full stickers set for Telegram was made and added

— About 30-40 NFT were sent by giveaways (game contests, Twitter giveaways, etc.)

— Rareboard listing RetroBoys NFT news

— Minting DAPP issues fixed to work well on mobiles

— Big Collab with other BSC Collections

— We developed telegram Bot with the mint/holder/stats info

— PILLS (Phase 2) Info Revealed, roadmap & website update

— New marketing plan created with the templates, video promos, etc

— Telegram bot updated with new functions (checking marketplace info), Sales & Listings channel created

— Marketplaces floor swept (we bought about 40-50 NFTs from the secondary market)

— Verified collection on NFTrade

— First Raffle done, 5x$100 sent

— Verified collection on Element Market

— Sweet Stacks collection collab

— Updated website

— Second Raffle done, 5x$100 sent

— Private lounge for 10+ RBAs holders created (bot with wallet connect and we set the auto token check)

— Telegram bot updated with new functions (/show trigger)


Current Statistics (updating)

1600+ mints & 200+ holders

4000+ Twitter Followers, 400+ Telegram chat members, 65+ Discord members


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