How To Use Market Cipher?

So how do you use Market Cipher?

After you have bought and set up Market Cipher, you may still be unsure how to start using these amazing trading indicators. We will go through the various indicators and explain each one in depth, so that you too can feel comfortable to use the system to inform your decisions in the markets and hopefully make consistent profits.

Market Cipher is mostly used to decipher and analyse what's happening in the market and make predictions about how the markets will change in the future. Market Cipher has proven itself time and time again and has shown traders what a valuable tool it is. Market Cipher combines specially chosen indicators into a comprehensive package that gives a brief overview of the market by adding various overlays across the chart data.

The creators of Market Cipher have decided to put these various indicators into three groups, called Market Cipher A, Market Cipher B and Market Cipher SR. I will explain the differences between these indicator groups and explain the elements of each one.


So how do you use Market Cipher A?

Market Cipher A is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs that are blue/white during a bull market and gray during a bear market. The intersections of these lines can be very strong lagging indications, so we have programmed Cipher A to project symbols which correspond to various indications so you don’t have to manually interpret each bullish or bearish cross. It also gives a great visual of the trend, supplying you with strong mathematical support or resistance. Market Cipher A was made to easily analyze, isolate, and anticipate macro trends.

  • Blue Triangle - Reversal
  • Green Circle - Long
  • Red Diamond - Bearish Continuation
  • Red X - Short
  • Yellow Diamond - Bullish Continuation
  • Yellow X - Manipulation


So how do you use Market Cipher B?

Market Cipher B is an all-in-one oscillator allowing for more quality indications than ever before. It combines five algorithms (some well-known, some custom) that have all been fine-tuned and smoothed for optimal analysis and trading results. When all of the algorithms converge, Market Cipher B will project a “Green Dot” which will aid you in longing the dips in bull markets as well as temporarily exiting shorts in bear markets.

The Green Dot is often accompanied by extreme sellers’ momentum and will warn you of potential market bottoms, giving you strong hands even when the night is at its darkest. Market Cipher B certainly excels on the small timeframes, but is a particularly deadly tool for isolating large swings in the market.

  • Little Circle - These appear at all WaveTrend wave crossings.
  • Green Circle - Bullish! The wavetrend waves are at the oversold level and have crossed up.
  • Red Circle - Bearish! The wavetrend waves are at the overbought level and have crossed down.
  • Gold/Orange Circle - Do not buy! When RSI is below 20, WaveTrend waves are below or equal to -80 and have crossed up after good bullish divergence.
  • Purple Triangle - This appears when a bullish or bearish divergence is formed and WaveTrend waves crosses at overbought and oversold points.


So how do you use Market Cipher SR?

Market Cipher SR (Support / Resistance) is a day trading strategy built for the hourly timeframe and below which heavily incorporates horizontal supports and resistances as well as Volume Weighted Average Price, otherwise known as VWAP.

VWAP is a reliable day trader’s indicator that will help you to know your environment (whether it is a long day or a short day) and provide you regular opportunities to enter the market in either direction. This is due to the daily reset mechanic which not only accounts for intraday volatility but also gives the other side a chance to “take the reins” so to speak.


how do you use market cipher



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