Set up Binance Account - The Worlds Biggest Crypto Exchange

So how do I set up Binance?

Its as easy as registering with your email or password. Once you have verified either of those, you can instantly starting depositing fiat (pound, euro, dollar), or cryptocurrencies and then buy and sell on the exchange.  By doing your KYC (Know Your Customer) you are able to withdraw larger amounts and secure your account better.

Step by step guide on how to set up Binance:

  • Go to the login page by clicking here
  • Enter your details in the form provided. You can use our referral code for added benefits: CQ3X0D1R



  • Enter the 6 digit code that was sent to your mobile number or email address, depending what you used to sign up.
  • Once complete you will be taken to a welcome screen.
  • From here, click the 'go to dashboard' button on the top right of the screen.
  • You will be taken to the dashboard where a verification pop-up will appear.
  • You may use your phone number or a Google authenticator to complete this step, but we recommend using your phone number.
  • After clicking the 'phone verification' button, you will be taken to a new screen where you will need to enter more information.
  • You will need to enter your cell phone number and then click the 'send code' button to the right of the SMS Verification Code input field.
  • Once you've done this you will be sent an SMS with the code, which you will need to put into SMS Verification Code input field.
  • You will then have to do the same process with your email address, by clicking the second 'send code' button.
  • You will then be sent a email in which you will find the code for your email verification.
  • Once all the information is entered you can click the 'submit' button and get taken back to the dashboard screen.
  • Congratulations! You have set up Binance and can now start buying and selling crypto on the site.



How to secure my Binance Account

There are few settings to do.


Enable 2FA (2Factor Authentication)

2FA Authentication is a double security app feature that allows you to fetch a 6 digit code (that changes every 30 seconds) to confirm account logins, withdrawals and other important security and notification features that are important to you.  This is by no means necessary BUT is highly recommend by Binance and all reputable exchanges and wallets. There are different authentication apps you can choose but pick wisely. Read about 2fa authentication here

Anti Phishing Code

More about this to come from RayRay


Security Key


Phone Number Verification


Email Address Verification


Withdrawal Whitelist

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