The Ultimate #1 Kucoin Trading Bot Guide

What is the Kucoin Trading Bot?

This in an automated kucoin trading bot, that places buy and sells offers  on your behalf either within a "range" defined by AI (artificial intelligence) bots or you can decide a custom zone. As the price of your token that you have enabled the bot on rises and falls, and therefore triggers your buy or sell offers, it will automatically place more on your behalf. Allow you to set an amount and let a trading bot do the work for you.


How to get the Kucoin Trading Bot setup?

  1. First SIGN UP with Kucoin, if not done so already, here is a link to get started or follow the quick and simple process of How to Setup a Kucoin Account article.
  2. Once all set up and sign in, you need to fund your Kucoin account.
  3. Transfer from your MAIN account to your TRADING account. (this is a free internal transfer)
  4. Go to the Trade menu, then Trading Bot


Important to *Note* KuCoin does let you buy cryptocurrency with fiat money however you will need to do it via a third-party app. You can pay by credit or debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, but you can’t deposit money by bank transfer. You can also use a good and save way via Coinbase to fund Kucoin account.

How to Start Your Trading Bot

Once all funded and ready to start, then Tap/Click on “Trade Bot”
You will see 4 options
1. Spot Grid
2. Futures Grid
3. Smart Rebalace
4. DCA

Spot Grid

Is basically meaning cash settled and is slightly lower risk than Future grid. There are two types AI Parameter (that will do it for you) and Customize (you can change everything and anything you want to for the trade)

Future Grid

Is basically meaning Synthetic contract and allows you to leverage up if you want to do that. It has sightly lower fees than spot grid.

Smart Rebalance

This is great for long term investors and also if you want to set up a crypto portfolio, either exposure to D5 or Metaverse and also if you want to copy some other professional firms crypto portfolio. It allows you to create portfolio with percentages of each crypto.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)

You need to do this on the app only, this is not on the platform online yet. You will see more profits from regularly investing, very efficient investment and this is a long term strategy.
All you have to do is simply:
1. Just choosing an amount you want to invest over time
2. Then choosing the time scale and how often you invest

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