VALR - South Africa's Crypto Exchange

What is VALR?

VALR is South Africa's leading online cryptocurrency exchange. They specialise in allowing users to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum but also offer many other cryptocurrencies, all of which can be bought with South African rands. They allow you to deposit rand via EFT from any bank to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum and to withdraw rand to any South African bank account. They also allow you to set up an account quickly and easily getting your account fully verified in under 5 minutes. Click here to sign up for a free VALR account and begin buying and selling cryptos.


VALR CTA VALR - South Africa's Crypto Exchange


How do I sign up for a VALR account?

Signing up for a VALR account is a really simple process that only takes about 5 minutes to complete. You can sign up by clicking here or by going to our step by step guide, where we explain exactly how to sign up for a VALR account.


Why use VALR?

Local is lekker
VALR is one of South Africa’s leading online cryptocurrency exchanges. It allows South African users to quickly and easily create an account and get up and running in minutes. They also accept South African rands and EFT’s from South African bank accounts.

Account security
VALR encrypts your sensitive information both in transit and at rest. They automatically enable security features such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by default for all critical transactions and require your authorization whenever there are any login attempts to access your account from any new device or location.

Wide Variety
VALR specialises in the buying and selling of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they also have a wide selection of other popular cryptocurrencies to choose from.

Fair pricing and fees
VALR offers their services while charging, no monthly fees, no management fees, free deposits and cheap withdrawal fees, costing only R8,50 to make a withdrawal. They also offer rewards for market-makers and pay accordingly.

Cheap start up fees
You can open up and start trading with your VALR account with as little as R10. This is great for beginners who want to practice with their platform.


Is VALR safe?

VALR has some of the best security features available, even when compared to global standards. VALR’s dedicated team of cyber-security experts take care that your cryptocurrencies and accounts are as safe as possible by putting in place many security measures to protect your account.

They also offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), ensuring that your account is secure and extremely difficult to hack. This means that in order to log in to your account, you or someone else trying to log into your account, will need access to your email and passwords and will also need to have access to your cell phone too, making it very difficult to hack your account. They also have many other security features in place to keep your money and account safe. If you are interested, feel free to read more about their security features here.


VALR CTA VALR - South Africa's Crypto Exchange

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