How to Add Kucoin Community Chain to MetaMask

If you are looking to add the Kucoin Community Chain to MetaMask, then follow the guide below.

Setup or Open MetaMask wallet

Open your MetaMask wallet and proceed to adding the network.
Need to set up MetaMask first?  Read this MetaMask Wallet Setup Guide here to start.

How to Set up Kucoin Community Chain MetaMask - DESKTOP

Access your MetaMask wallet that is setup in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) then click on

  •  Settings
    • Click on your profile icon (top right) and then at the bottom of the menu.
  • Networks
    • Scroll 4 or 5 lines down to "Networks - Add and edit custom RPC networks"
  • Add Network
    • Big, blue button
  • Add details listed below
  • Click Save

Kucoin Community Chain Mainnet Settings for Metamask

Network Name: KCC / Kucoin  (this is just the name to remind you)
Symbol: KCS
Block Explorer URL:
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