Coin Stats: Best Crypto Portfolio Manager

What is Coin Stats?

Coin Stats, is a research and portfolio tracker application designed for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency. It can run from any device or purely on a browser.

The app allows users to view or even manage their cryptocurrencies, from multiple exchanges and wallets. It also has a great feature allowing you to quickly see how much your total portfolio of all these coins, from all of these exchanges and wallets are worth and how much it has changed in price, giving you a live conversion of the price in your preferred currency.

Coin Stats is great for tracking your total net worth and profit/loss, by connecting your wallets and exchange accounts for auto-sync. You can also share this information with others safely by sending them a link. They will only be able to view your portfolio and won't be able to edit anything on it. if you make use of their Telegram channel, there is a possibility to set up bots to get the latest prices and charts of various coins.

The platform also allows users to visit the social pages and websites of various coins to make research based investment decisions. They also have a great feature to set alerts for price, limits, volumes and market caps, that trigger when the markets reaches this set figure. They can also notify you of any news articles related to certain specified coins from over 40 news sites. 


We know cryptos - Coin Stats



Coin Stats was originally founded in 2017 by Narek Gevorgyan. The first version of the app was released in summer 2017 for Android and iOS platforms. Since then the app has grown in multiple countries and currently has more than 500,000 active users managing their crypto holdings.

Today, over $3.5 Billion in Ethereum is being tracked by Coin Stats users in the app via synced wallets (much more added manually). Coin Stats users own almost 10% of all Ethereum in existence. In July 2018 Web and MacOSX versions of the app were introduced to users.


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