Moonshot Millionaires Member Form

Moonshot Millionaires welcomes potential members to our page! Our humble team of Cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts aim to mentor and guide you through all the chaff of crypto trading so that you can find what's best for you...

? Projects that aim to facilitate millionaires

? Secure account management. Withdraw anytime

? Leave the technicals and fundimentals to us. Simply watch your portfolio grow through our monitoring platforms

? Telegram open 24/7. Drop your querries and requests anytime

? Got your own deposit ideas? The Moonshot Millionaires team will cater to your specific portfolio needs

? Feel like taking a trip to the moon? Fill in our form and hopefully we can see you on board!

Benefits & Features

We do the research and hard work. You pick and choose
Request payout anytime. No minimum holding periods
No work need. Just watch your portfolio value
Community Support Groups
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

How does the Moonshot Millionaires Club work?

This is a basic run down of how the club will work.
Apply to be a Moonshot Millionaires Member
Once accepted, we will invite you to all social groups and platforms
We will create your account and provide you with an account number
We will have an onboarding meeting and decide together on your first investment from our pre-approved list
We will provide you with access to monitor your accounts balance from a single platform
Conduct bi-weekly meetup to dicuss portfolio and market trends
You can request payout anytime
A % of your profit is paid to the admins on each payout.
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