Cake Monster (MONSTA)

Snapshot of Cake Monster on the 15th Feb 2023

Cake Monster MONSTA snapshot on 15th Feb 2023

Buy 1000 worth of Cake Monster today and become a millionaire

We have done some calculations for you and worked out that if you purchase ($,€, £)1000 Cake Monster today and it reaches $1 coin this will equate to 1,000,000 in your currency. The coin has been programmed to reach $1 with its hyper deflationary model. Everytime $MONSTA is bought or sold, 2.5% is burned, meaning less tokens in circulation and a higher value.
If you INVEST 1000 into Monsta @ $0,001, and Monsta goes to $1 a coin that will equal 1 000 000

Where Can I Buy Cake Monster

$MONSTA is not yet available but on any CEX (Centralised Exchanges) but are avaible on the following DEX:  Pankcake Swap, ApeSwap and FloozTrade

Cake Monster Moonshot Millions Price Tracker

Below we will track $MONSTA's price at key intervals and use USD as the value marker.
February 15th 2023 - $Monsta is $0,001
Value:  $1000
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